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Immigration matters are never easy without Immigration Lawyers in Brampton Ontario and immigration is a case for which saying so would be an understatement. If you’ve come to Canada from another country, hoping to simply move here, chase your dreams, or to escape from a dire situation from your homeland, the intricacies of the legalities surrounding the institution of immigration can be daunting and the help of experienced lawyers becomes a necessity.

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Types of Immigration:

Immigration Cases

  1. Federal Court Applications & Appeals
  2. Mandamus
  3. Detention Reviews
  4. Protected Person Application
  5. Immigration Appeals
  6. Stay Removal

Stay in Canada

  1. Your Permanent Resident Card
  2. Maintaining Your Status
  3. Permanent Residence Applications

Study in Canada

  1. Student Direct Stream

Work in Canada

  1. The International Mobility Program (IMP)
  2. The Temporary Foreign Worker Program
  3. Spousal Open Work Permit
  4. Global Skills Strategy

Family Sponsorship

  1. Parent & Grandparent Sponsorship
  2. Spousal, Partner, or Child Sponsorship

Permanent Residence: Investment

  1. Provincial Nominee Program-Entrepreneur
  2. The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

Permanent Residence: Express Entry

  1. Canadian Experience Class
  2. Federal Skilled Trade
  3. Federal Skilled Worker


  1. Pardons/ Record Suspension
  2. Medical
  3. Criminal Inadmissibility
  4. Authority to Return Canada (ARC)
  5. Admissibility Hearings

Inadmissibility Cases

  1. Protected Person Inadmissible
  2. Deportation
  3. Criminal Cases
  4. Medical Cases
  5. Misrepresentation
  6. Removal Orders

Other Immigration Services

  1. Citizenship
  2. Compliance
  3. H&C Applications
  4. Refugee Protection Claims
  5. Federal Court & Immigration Appeals
  6. Caregivers
  7. Quebec Skilled Worker
  8. Super Visa
  9. Business Visitors
  10. Electronic Travel Authorization
  11. Temporary Resident Visas (Business & Tourism)

Best Immigration Lawyers in Brampton:

Some of the Most common, Explained:

Familial Sponsorships:

Immigrating from another country is never an easy thing, especially for families, as not all of them can necessarily get citizenship or a permanent residence altogether. Families can get separated for extended periods of time, and although visiting each other is always an option, it is not something everyone can afford easily, or in some cases, at all.

This is why, for the purpose of reuniting families, the IRCC i.e., Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, was established.

“Family sponsorship” is the Immigration category that provides a separate means to secure immigration for families of permanent residents or citizens of Canada.

Investment (Permanent Residence):

This is an immigration category that deals with the people who wish to Startup, invest in, and/or sponsor businesses in Canada and wish to reside here.

It was formed in 1986 by the Government of Canada and was heavily promoted to facilitate Canada’s social and economic welfare.

Express Entry (Permanent Residence):

This Immigration category is for potential immigrants who are confident in their competence and in what they can offer as a citizen. Applicants are to submit their information as required after consultation with Immigration Lawyers in Brampton Ontario and are granted points based on the information provided. Those with the highest points are then granted permanent residence in Canada.

Some of the criteria upon the evaluation of which, points are given:

  1. Language fluency and literacy in French or English (The official languages of Canada)
  2. Education completed in a Canadian college or university gets additional points
  3. Education completed in any country other than Canada
  4. Age
  5. Having ample job skills and work experience
  6. Having a job offer from a Canadian company/employer
  7. Having a provincial nomination
  8. Wife’s/Husband’s profile (their education, work experience, and language abilities)

Work Permits

Any non-citizen or non-resident looking to get hired by a Canadian employer needs a work permit to do so. These may be “open” in which the worker may work for any employer or “closed” in which the worker can only work for a single employer.

In some cases, the employer could have filed for an LMIA, a “Labor Market Impact Assessment” which basically verifies if the employment position requires a foreign national to be hired or not (The position is LMIA positive or negative). If the position is LMIA positive, you could get pre-arranged employment with that employer via the LIMA.

Pursuing an Education in Canada

Canadian educational institutes are some of the best in the world, and to choose to pursue your education in Canada would be a fine choice as it grants an abundance of opportunity, the promise of quality of the education, and an opportunity to have access to environments to grow as a person as you expand your horizons with knowledge, experience, and the guidance of the highly qualified faculty and professors.

Pursuing and completing your education in Canada can be tremendously beneficial to acquire a permanent residence via the express entry application. On top of that, after securing a study permit and completing your education, you could easily qualify for a post-secondary work permit, which extends your stay in Canada after graduation and helps accumulate work experience which becomes valuable in pursuing a permanent residence.

Visit Visa, Business Visa or ETA:

Canada is a beautiful country, so it’s no surprise that many may choose to visit Canada as tourists, or it may be that you have family here that you wish to visit. In any such case, where the purpose is only a visit, depending on the nature of the visit, the person requires a visit visa, a business visa and for some specific countries, an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization).

A temporary residence visa is not required which could also be used in the place of a visit visa or a business visa. Another viable option is a “Super Visa” which allows the visitor to stay for an extended duration without the repeated requirements to update/renew their status.

To decide which choice is best for you is something you can consult with the lawyers of the Lawyer Approach network.

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