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Welcoming a new child into a family with the help of Adoption Lawyers in Mississauga & Brampton is a beautiful occasion and monumental occasion and Canadian legislation grants adopted children equivalent legal status to that of biological children.

The proceedings of adoption hold the utmost legal authority in all cases, such as child support and/or intestates.

The Procedure:

Adoption procedures vary depending on the province, the type of adoption chosen, the residence of the child being adopted, and the agency through which the adoption is being made. The proceedings can take anywhere from 9 months to 9 years.

In cases of international adoptions, the law of the country involved is also taken into consideration. For example, although in Canada, same-sex couples can easily adopt a child, the same cannot be said about some other countries.

Depending on extra-familial involvement e.g., step-parents, sperm donors, or surrogates, complete parental rights may be difficult to retain. In the case of sperm donors, they can exempt themselves from the legal obligations of future child support claims and parental responsibility claims.

In any case, expert legal advice from Best Adoption Lawyers in Mississauga & Brampton is absolutely necessary to ensure that the self-interests of you and the child are protected.

Canadian Adoption Laws:

The emotional implication of adding a whole new life to a family via adoption is certainly astronomical, but with that, comes quite a few legislative implications that may differ by large or small margins depending on the province.

Although it differs by province, there is a set minimum age until the passing of which, any adoption applicant is not eligible for the adoption of a child. For example, in Ontario, Canada, the minimum age for being an eligible potential adoption applicant, has to be 18 years of age or older. Other factors may vary based on which province one is in, requiring legal counsel to fully understand the available options.

The legislation regulating the different types of adoption services (private adoptions, public adoptions, or international adoptions) varies by large or small margins according to the province in which you’re. There are many kinds of adoptions by source:

  1. Adoption agencies in Canada
  2. Adoption by fertility treatments (such as sperm donation)
  3. Adoption by a surrogacy contract
  4. Adoption by a stepparent or second parent

The Assisted Human Reproduction Act of Canada is a bill that regulates adoptions among other things i.e., this bill always needs to comply with all types of adoptions in Canada.        Being the legally binding and heavy contract that it is, related agreements and strong legal contracts need to be in place for adoption proceedings to take place.

Home Study:

Before any adoptions begin to take place, a home study is conducted of the prospective adoption parent(s). A “Home Study” is a screening an inspection of the lifestyle and household of the adoption applicant. It is mandated by law in all of the provinces, although the way in which it is conducted may be different depending on the province. Usually, it is conducted by qualified social workers and includes making home visits.

Post proceedings include police, background, and reference checks. Adoption readiness and preparation are also required from the applicants before the adoption itself takes place.

The Finance Behind Adoption:

Many factors come into play when considering the financial side of adoption proceedings. The source used for the adoption process, private or public, or international. Involvement of an agency, travel costs, and province-specific residences are some of the factors affecting the expenditures on the adoption proceedings.

Usually, public child welfare adoptions are less expensive than private adoptions.

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