Employment Lawyer

No business survives without its employees. They are the bricks that make the building that is a business. Every country puts in place rules and regulations to ensure that the employees of a business, small or large, are taken care of and standards are set for business to keep their employees in check, as the responsibility to balance the privileges. Canadian constitution is no different.

Due to the complexities and large number of variables that are involved with labour standards and employment law, effective compliance can be difficult. Professional legal counsel and advice become a necessity for businesses to make sure that there are minimal risks and expenditures to maintain a competitive presence in the economic and industrial landscape.

Employee Support and Representation:

Our progress as modern civilization has put us leaps and bounds in human rights awareness, confidentiality, harassment, violence and labour relations, and with that, Canadian employers are required to meet high standards of representation and support for their employees in light of the Canadian constitution.

These elements, if not handled right, can lead to liability problems and legal risks, but the workplace also needs to be managed in a competent and skilful way so as not to compromise logistics and as a result, productivity.

This is where the highly experienced Employment Lawyers in Brampton ON of the Lawyers Approach network can be an immense asset to your legal advisory needs.

Legal Compliance:

Canadian Labour relations, more often than not, are complicated. It is a necessity to ensure compliance with the employment law and adhere to labour standards if a business of any size is to persist through the industrial and economic competitive landscape while making sure to steer away from big non-compliance penalties.

Many factors can play into the complications with employer-employee relationships like workplace safety, human rights complaints, contractual and compensation matters, terminations and dismissals, pay equity, immigration and occupational health and safety. Legal advice becomes an inevitable need in any such matter. Other matters such as employee relations, collective agreements, recruitment, outsourcing agreements, and compliance with Canadian laws on privacy are also complex and require expert legal advice and counsel.

A Complete Counsel:

Depending on the nature of where the business is headed, and what the current situation is, on certain transactions, legal advice from Best Employment Lawyers in Brampton Ontario is needed in light of more than just Canadian employment law expertise and needs to be changed and adapted according to the situation in light of different areas of legal expertise, for example, real estate law, Intellectual property law, commercial law, business law, immigration law, tax law and corporate law expertise.

The Lawyer Approach network is composed of lawyers with all the necessary legal expertise, specializations and experience. They are experienced with litigation of employment and related mediation procedures. Client representation in judicial reviews, arbitration hearings, and representation in federal and provincial courts about human rights tribunals and labour relation boards are all situations that the multitude of lawyers in our network of varying expertise can handle.

Other Employer Representation Services Include:

  • Harassment & discrimination
  • Recruitment
  • Human Rights
  • Termination
  • Discipline
  • Employment Contracts
  • Workplace policies and procedure
  • Workplace Safety
  • Workplace Investigations

We understand that no two cases or situations are the same, every situation is unique and requires careful and specially tailored solutions for each specific scenario, situation and circumstance. Our network’s lawyers can be trusted to be dependable in any situation that you may face.

The Help We Provide:

The lawyers of the Lawyer Approach network are possessors of global perspective and are capable of giving qualified legal consultations grounded in expertise and experience. No matter what your situation, you can rest assured our network will be able to provide you with the lawyers that can get the job done effectively and efficiently.