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Legal matters and complications are never easy, especially so when it concerns one’s own family in any matter. These may include an unfortunate conclusion of a marriage (divorce), child support claims, custody matters, asset divisions, settlements, and any legal nuances regarding these matters.

We, at Lawyer Approach, with our highly experienced Best Family Lawyers in Brampton & Mississauga ensure that your unique situation and circumstances are catered to, our client’s needs, and your needs are met so that the uncomfortable and stressful circumstances of the requirement of legal intervention in family matters, becomes something that you no longer have to worry about. Our services are efficient, thorough, and effective, and with our expert counsel, you can always be informed of what goes on in every step of your case.

We are a trustworthy law firm with competent lawyers, so you can rest assured that your case is in good hands so that you can move on from what has happened, and face the future with security and a clear conscience.

Areas of Practice

Some of the services that our Best Family Lawyers in Brampton & Mississauga provide are as follows:

  1. Divorce
  2. Simple/Contested or joint Divorce
  3. Foreign Divorce Recognition
  4. Business Effects of Divorce
  5. The Child/Children
  6. Litigation Procedures
  7. Provincial, Superior, or Unified Family Court Litigation
  8. Financial Disclosures
  9. Spousal Support
  10. Property
  11. Marital Home Access
  12. The Division of Marital Property
  13. Equalization
  14. Initiations and Settlements
  15. Family Law Claims
  16. Pre-nuptial agreements (Prenup)
  17. Marriage Contracts
  18. Separation Agreements
  19. Settlement options and Negotiations
  20. Wills and Family Law counsel

What We Strive For

We and our family lawyers strive to be the best legal counsel could ever have, tailoring our services to you and your unique situation taking all the nuances and complexities into consideration, and acting in the best and optimum way possible.

The ever-changing nature of law is never ignored and any and every new law or legislation is integrated into our practices as such, we are always up to speed with what goes on in the legal field.

We at Lawyers Approach pride ourselves in our customer services, client satisfaction Accessibility, and commitment to see your case all the way through.

Armed with experience and expertise, we understand what it takes to support you and make sure that your worries are always answered and alleviated. Choose lawyer’s Approach, and we will see to it that it is your best decision.

Best Family Lawyer in Brampton:

Some Divorce Myths You Need to be Aware of:

Divorce is never easy, which is why people always tend to talk amongst themselves and are prone to hear and sometimes believe things that they’ve heard others say, which have no basis in the actual law. Being Informed is the key to making good decisions. Here are some of those myths that you need to be aware of.

He/She Cheated on Me, So the Jury Will be Partial Towards Me

It could not be further from the truth. The court does not consider the victim of the act of unfaithfulness in a “no-fault” divorce case. You can file for a divorce even if your spouse was faithful.

If Both Are Employed, Then There’s No Spousal Support

Employment is not the only factor that goes into a spousal support claim, so this alone does not predicate the acceptance or denial of the claim.

It was a Short Marriage, So There’s no Spousal Support/Asset Claim Etc

There is no law that includes the tenure of the marriage as a viable factor for making an asset claim or spousal support, void. Many other factors go into consideration with each particular case, some examples of which are: the career change of both parties(if any), employment status, who gets the custody of the children, etc.

We were Common-Law, So There’s no Asset Division/Spousal Support

If you’re in a state-recognized common-law relationship, asset division and spousal support claims upon separation can be made, especially if there’s a dependence of any nature in the relationship. The legislation also applies to those that are in a common-law relationship, although not in the same ways as actual marriages.

The Other Not Agreeing to a Divorce will Void the Divorce Appeal:

That is simply not true. Whether one of the spouses agrees to the divorce or gets away with delaying the divorce proceedings, it is no doubt that as long as the legal grounds are met, the divorce will be granted.

Stay Separated For a Year, And the Marriage is Over

To stay separated is just that. A separation. To make the marriage void, a divorce via a court order needs to take place.

Any Asset That was Mine Before Marriage will Not be Divided

Not true. Even if your partner wasn’t in the property title, or you have the property before the marriage, does not predicate complete retaining of that property post-marriage under Canadian Law.

I Own it So I Get to Keep it

Same to the previous myth, ownership of assets does not assure the detainment of said assets post-marriage.

Paying Child Support Means I Get Access to the Child

In the same way, even if you’re not obligated to pay child support, you do not necessarily lose access to the child, if you are obligated to pay child support, it doesn’t guarantee access to the child.

If I Move Out of the House, I Lose it\the Kids

One does not need to reside in the same house, even in abusive and high-conflict environments have a valid claim to it. If you’re a titled owner of the property, or even if you’re not, you don’t need to physically remain there as it doesn’t influence how assets are divided.

Pension is Not Part of the Asset Division

Pensions and CPP credits are divided just like other assets, but only the portion earned while you and your spouse were married however, for common-law couples, it’s less clear, so details need to be discussed in such a case.

I Don’t Need to Change My Will if I Get Married/Divorced

If you already have a will before marriage, it loses its validity upon marriage. However, that does not happen if you drafted the will during the marriage and then chose to get a divorce. So, you should re-draft your will to make sure not to leave much, or any of your estates to your divorced spouse.

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