7 Canadian Spousal Sponsorship Mistakes to Avoid

Canada welcomes immigrants not only from other countries but also from around the world. Once you are in the country claiming permanent residence, you have the luxury of sponsoring your spouse to gain Canadian citizenship and enter the country as a non-immigrant. But for some people, gaining that citizenship is as easy as filling in a form online. Sponsoring a spouse in Canada is a complicated process. The law is constantly changing, and it can frustrate people to keep up with the latest changes.

Mistakes in Canadian Spousal Sponsorship can be costly and irreversible. Here are 7 mistakes people make when sponsoring their spouse to Canada.

1. Applying Too Early:

The Canadian immigration system is complex, and the application process can be frustrating. It is not uncommon for people to file their applications too early. The reason behind this is that they are trying to avoid problems in processing time. However, by doing this, they are delaying the process and, causing more frustration for themselves.

  • The first mistake that people make when filing their application too early is not filling out all the required information on the form correctly. It can lead to a delay in processing time and an increase in processing fees.
  • The second mistake people make is not including all required documents with their application form (e.g., marriage certificate). If these documents are missing, then this may cause rejection.

2. Not Understanding the Requirements for Sponsorship

Sponsorship is the process through which, a Canadian citizen or permanent resident can apply to bring their spouse or common-law partner to Canada.

There are many kinds of sponsorship applications, and each one has specific requirements that need to be faced. For example, if the sponsored person is applying as a member of the family class, then they must be present in Canada. They need to meet specific criteria such as being single (divorced, widowed, and separated) and 18 years old or older. It means that if they are not divorced yet but getting married to their spouse soon, they will not qualify for sponsorship.

Another mistake is not having the proper documents ready when applying for sponsorship. If you do not have all the required documents, your application could be delayed or even rejected.

3. Not Understanding the Process of Sponsorship

The process of sponsorship is complicated, but it is necessary to understand the process before you start. The sponsor should know their duties and rights, and vice versa. It is also effective to know that the sponsor has no say in where their spouse or partner lives.

4. Not Understanding the “Immediate Relative”

Family members need to understand the “immediate relatives” to avoid any problems during the sponsorship process.

The crucial mistake is failing to understand what makes up an “immediate relative.” Immediate relatives are spouses or common-law partners of Canadians, parents, and grandparents of Canadians, and children of Canadians under 18 years old.

5. Not Understanding the Type Of Visa:

Canada is one of the most popular countries in North America for immigration. With so many people wanting to move there, it is no surprise that there are a lot of rules and regulations involved in immigrating to Canada. A question many people ask when they want to immigrate is how do I get a spousal sponsorship? There are a few different visas available for sponsored spouses. Each has its own set of requirements and benefits. The type of visa you should apply for depends on your situation and the type of relationship you have with your sponsor.

The major mistake is not understanding the difference between a visitor visa and a temporary resident visa. A visitor visa is a short-term visit to Canada, while a temporary resident visa is for people who intend to stay in Canada for over six months.

6. Failing To Provide All The Documentation:

The Canadian Immigration Law is strict for documentation. It requires all the documents to be prepared for the Canadian Spousal Sponsorship. It includes an application form, a personal statement, and other documents.

If you are an immigrant to Canada and would like to sponsor your spouse, you must provide all such documents. Otherwise, your application will not be approved by the Canadian authorities.

7. Not Consulting an Immigration Lawyer:

The major error that people commit is not to consult an immigration lawyer in Brampton before applying. It is necessary to consult an immigration lawyer in Brampton because they can help you with the paperwork and ensure that you are not missing any documents or information for processing. They will also be able to answer questions that you have about the process and what you need to do next.

The Canadian Spousal Sponsorship is a complicated process, and it can be difficult for some people to understand all the requirements. Not consulting an immigration lawyer in Brampton could lead to many issues, such as rejection of your application or not meeting the eligibility criteria.

How Does the Lawyer Approach Assist You?

Canada has a lot to offer, but not everyone can get in. For this reason, it is imperative to have a Canadian immigration lawyer assess the situation and help you with the Canadian spousal sponsorship process. Canadian immigration lawyers have extensive knowledge of how the law works in Canada, and they know all the ins and outs of it. They know what documents are required, and what is necessary for your application, and they will also provide references from other clients who have been successful in their process.

In Canada, the immigration lawyer in Brampton is a legal expert who helps people become permanent residents or a citizen of Canada. They help people who want to immigrate to Canada and those who already live in the country and want to become a permanent resident.

Lawyer Approach has many immigration lawyers who have experience with Canadian spousal sponsorship, and all of them are equally qualified for the process. You should do your research before deciding on an immigration lawyer in Brampton. Contact us now for the initial consultation!