Fraud Lawyer

Fraud is a finance-related criminal offence in which the offender commits deliberate dishonesty intending to defraud the victim as a result of which, the victim suffers a loss of asset(s) and/or monetary loss.

Bankruptcy frauds, bribery, intentional non-disclosure, antitrust violations, extortions, security violations, money laundering, breach of trust, false pretences, forgery, impersonations and theft are all different forms of fraud.

The Legal Viewpoint:

From a legal standpoint, the Canadian Criminal Code has more than one interpretation associated to the term “Fraud”. In the penal code, a full section is dedicated to this specific crime. The true meaning of “fraud” has also been interpreted in the light of the vast number of lawsuits that have taken place in Canadian Courts over the last few decades. Some of the many facets of “Fraud” include:

  1. A situation where the individual is punishable on summary conviction in a case where the subject matter of asset is less than five thousand dollars
  2. A situation in which one individual, defrauds another of their valuable assets by deceit, fraudulent means or falsehood
  3. A situation where the individual is guilty of the criminal offence and liable to maximum two years imprisonment
  4. A case in which one individual is guilty of an indictable offence and asset value under the offence is more than five thousand dollars.

The Modern Landscape:

In the age of the information and connection revolution through the internet, life has become much more expansive and with that, the danger of deceit and fraud has also increased immensely. This can be seen all across world and in Canada, as with the advent of banking and transactions now possible online, the cases of fraud have also been at unprecedented levels. In response to that, The federal and provincial government is making the effort to rise to the occasion and narrowing down the pathways for all kinds of fraudulent individuals and activities.

Your Concerns, Answered:

In the event of you facing fraud charges, you can get caught up in lengthy and stressful court proceedings in the Superior Court of justice and the Ontario court of justice. Such circumstances can also lead to ramifications against your job as employers usually have defensive policies to protect their businesses from people who have fraud conviction.

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