How to Appeal Canada Immigration Refusal Cases

Canada is a country that welcomes immigrants. The state has a liberal immigration policy and people from all corners of the world come to Canada to live and work. However, not every immigrant is welcome with open arms.

Canada Immigration Refusal Cases are cases where immigrants are denied entry into Canada because they don’t meet the requirements for immigration. There are different reasons for refusal, but the most common one is criminality or security risk. A Canadian immigration lawyer assists you in filing your case for immigration if it refuses your entry into Canada.

It can also deny refugees who have been given asylum in another country entry into Canada if they do not meet the requirements for refugee status.

How do I get help if my visa application is refused?

If your application for a temporary resident visa is denied, there is no formal appeals process.

If you want to reapply, you should only do so if your situation has changed significantly or if you have significant new information to submit.

What is the appeal process for refused spouse sponsorships?

The appeal process for refused spouse sponsorships in Canada is complicated and lengthy. It is necessary to consult an immigration lawyer in Brampton as soon as possible.

The first step in refusing to sponsor your spouse is to appeal Immigration Appeal Division (IAD). You will need a lawyer from the Immigration Law Firm in Brampton to help you through this process. The lawyer will help you prepare for the IAD hearing the evidence that was submitted by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and represent you at your hearing.

If you have queries about this process, please contact Lawyer Approach.

Immigration Appeal Time Frame: How long are decisions conducted in Canada?

The appeal time frame for an immigration decision can vary. For example, if a person is denied entry to Canada because they were inadmissible, they may not appeal this decision.

For immigration appeals, there are two types of decisions: a refusal and an approval.

A refusal can happen if the person does not meet the requirements for immigration to Canada, or if they are inadmissible. If an individual has been refused, they can appeal within 30 days of receiving their refusal letter. On average, it takes about 15 months for a decision on an appeal to be made.

The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) is the body that hears appeals from people who are denied entry to Canada at a harbor of entry or by an immigration officer at a Canadian airport or another point of entry.

The IRB has three levels:

  1. The Immigration Appeal Division (IAD),
  2. The Refugee Appeal Division (RAD), and
  3. The Immigration Appeal Division-Refugee Protection Division (IAD-RPD).

The IAD and RAD hear appeals from people who have been refused permanent residence, refugee protection, or temporary resident permits.

Canadian Refugee Appeal Process:

The Canadian Refugee Appeal Process is long and complicated. It may take as long as two years before a refugee is heard by the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. This process is not provided for everyone. It is only available to those who are already in Canada, or who are at the border trying to enter Canada.

The IRB will examine:

  • Did the person come from a country designated as unsafe by Canada?
  • Is there evidence that they are at risk if they return?
  • Do they have family or friends in Canada?
  • Do they face persecution if return to their home country?
  • Are they able to integrate into Canadian society?

Cost of an immigration lawyer in Canada:

The cost of an immigration lawyer in Canada is determined by the complexity of the case. The more complicated your case, the higher the cost. A lawyer will charge $400 to $800 for a simple application and $1,000 to $2,000 for a complex one.

The Canadian Refugee Appeal Process allows you to appeal a decision made by either Citizenship and Immigration Canada or the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada if you believe that you have recent evidence that was not available at the time of your original hearing.

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Certain rules and regulations need to be followed before anyone enters Canada. The law is very strict and if someone does not follow the law, an immigration officer may refuse entry into Canada at the border or airport.

If you have been refused entry into Canada, then you should consult with a lawyer who specializes in immigration law in Canada because they will know how to help you with your situation. Contact Lawyer Approach’s team of experts to solve your case as soon as possible.