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Human resources are an essential ingredient in any business. That’s why they are essential to us because of our clients. However, legal rights and duties, legal protection and risks, and employment agreements are extremely essential. Therefore, the laws and regulations relationships between owner and employees are examined by an Employment Lawyer in Brampton before advising our clients on their interests.

Employment lawyers provide a wide range of services to employees and employers. On the one hand, employment law concerns an employee’s rights and obligations. The second part deals with the rights, duties, and obligations of the employer. In this equation come issues of legislation, statutory authority, regulation of conduct, and the actual processes by which the law is applied. Some of the routine tasks that lawyers in this practice area help perform include:

Statement of Rights:

An employment lawyer can help to describe the client’s rights to him/her. This explains the legislation applicable to the case and the options available to the client, which may include litigation, mediation, or other actions. A lawyer also explains the pros and cons of each statement and provides the best advice to proceed with the case.


For employment lawyers representing the employer, one of the common tasks is to help employers comply with various pieces of legislation. This includes assent with federal and state anti-discrimination laws, including drafting strategies and informing owners and management that do not discriminate based on color, age, sex, religion, and race.

Lodging Of a Complaint:

Most employment law issues require an application to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or another government agency before an employee can start a personal action. An employment lawyer can help an employee file a complaint with a professional agency and explain the time limit to file the claim.


Employment attorneys also assist in employment litigations. They represent the employees who are filing a legal case against their owner because of discrimination, wage and hours claims, and wrongful termination. They also advocate against such actions by employers. Employers sometimes take legal action against employees, such as those who they believe have violated non-compete or confidentiality agreements.

Best Employment Lawyers in Brampton:

Our Services:

Our expert and Employment Attorneys can be availed in the different areas of issues and assist you with their professional manner of your interest. Some of the major services are given below:

Employment Contract:

A written contract is an excellent means of clearly defining the role, responsibilities, and benefits and avoiding confusion.

Our lawyers carefully read all the factors of an employment contract and provide it to clients for the sign. They ensure you are comfortable with contract details. The lawyer Approach is regularly consulting to draft employment contracts, rules and regulations, and workplace agreements. We provide you Best Lawyer Referral Services in Brampton.

Employment, Payroll, and Pension Regulations:

We have been advising and providing counsel to our clients on payroll and pension regulations and Our Employment lawyer in Brampton Canada attorneys consult from time to time to draft employment pay and pension rules.

Employment and Labor Litigation:

Through consultancy services in employment and labor litigation, Lawyer Approach’s Employment Attorney team ensures that the imperative steps are taken to avoid any potential issue that can occur between employee and owner.

We defend or pursue applications for wrongful dismissal, promotion, discrimination, harassment, and intellectual property protection in the courts.

Employment Relations and Trade Unions:

We assist with pay and hours issues, unionization activities, collective bargaining, and interpretation of labor rules, grievances, and social conflicts. The two major functions of trade unions are:

  1. Represents specific groups of employees, called bargaining units, to negotiate their terms and conditions of employment, resulting in a collective agreement with the owner and,
  2. To ensure employers comply with the Agreement.

Terminations and Dismissals:

According to the labor law, “An employment contract may be ended by any of the parties”. Be sure to understand why you are dismissed. First, appeal to the company’s owner or human resources (HR) department. If it didn’t work, then consult an employment lawyer to file a case in the court of your interest. The Lawyer Approach advises on separation agreements, as well as legal and regulatory notification requirements associated with existing reductions and plant closures.

Restrictive Clauses or Commercial Secrets:

If you have restrictive clauses in your contract, your options post-termination can be severely restricted. This may prevent you from working with a new employer during the contract period, typically three to six months. We assist in the development of non-competition and non-disclosure agreements, train staff on confidentiality policies, and conduct audits on commercial secret protection issues.

Employee Benefits and Allowance:

Workers’ compensation makes sure your staff are taken care of if they’re unable to work because of a work-related injury or illness. It will pay a portion of their missed payments and cover all medical expenses incurred because of the incident. Further, your workers will always be protected. In this way, we design, operate and administer many executive benefits and compensation programs.

Health & Safety:

Research has found that workers are more productive in workplaces that value health and safety. By reducing downtimes caused by illness and accidents, you reduce disruption and your business saves money. We contribute to the development of safety programs and the conduct of preventive audits to determine potential workplace and legal risks. If the need arises, we will provide an excellent defense against the claims.

How We Can Help:

We use our professional experience with a global point of view to provide suitable and complete advice. If you need employee relations counsel or help with employment issues, we can surely help.

At Lawyer Approach, we experienced employment lawyers understand your specific situations and provide changed solutions for each of them. If you are experiencing employee issues and need legal consultation, call us immediately.

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