Bankruptcy Lawyer in Markham

The issues of bankruptcy and insolvency are increasing day by day. These two are the most common ways of dealing with these issues. These destitute situations are found in people who cannot pay back their debts. Debt lawyers in Markham are popular nowadays because of the increase in debt cases seen every year. Our experienced lawyers provide legal support to people who are going through destitution or defalcation relief.

The insolvency lawyers at Lawyer Approach have the experience and knowledge to provide expert legal advice and representation before the defalcation Courts. We acted on:

Non-secured and Secured Creditors

Secured creditors (e.g. banks) may take the collateral (e.g. your house, car, or boat) to settle an otherwise unsecured debt

Protection from Your Creditors

These laws provide a means by which a debtor can have their debts reviewed by the trustee. This process is followed by a formal debt and destitute relief, which protects from creditors

Restructuring Bankruptcy

Destitute or default relief allows a debtor to restructure their affairs by either liquidating assets, taking advantage of existing exemptions, or continuing in business while paying back debts.

File Bankruptcy in Canada:

Individual Canadians can file a case at the court in their area of residence. The debt case filers need to be aware of the default exemptions available in their province or territory of residence.

Bankruptcy Trustee:

The insolvent trustees are appointed as trustees by the courts. These trustees are professionals with specialized training and expertise. Debt trustees are independent of filers.

Why Bankruptcy?

Destitution is a consumer debt management solution rather than a debt consolidation option. Insolvency and insolvent relief help you take back control of your finances and provide a fresh start.

Insolvency Bankruptcy:

Debt or destitute relief is one of the best options available to Canadians. It can provide you with a solution for dealing with your debt problems and lasts for three years. Debt and insolvent relief can be expanded to a further one year by filing an income and expenditure form with the trustee.

Our Lawyers Can Offer “Painless Bankruptcy”

We have highly skilled and trained lawyers. We will help you identify the best way to deal with unmanageable debts. Defalcation or “consumer proposals” is not always the only option available when faced with uncontrollable debt problems.

Understand the Term “Consumer Proposal”

It is a legally binding agreement that settles your debts without filing for debt. Not all debtors are eligible to file a Consumer Proposal to:

  • Refund a portion of the liability to your creditors or
  • Extend the period you consent to repay creditors (up to a maximum of five years)

After discussing your situation and options with you, we will help you determine if filing a Consumer Proposal is the best option for your situation. Our lawyers advise that default is unavoidable and filing an insolvent or Consumer Proposal is the only workable way out of your debts. We also support you in facing the future and help you rebuild your credit rating. We will also guide you on how to apply for a case or Consumer Proposal, as well as provide a debit or Consumer Proposal Agreement that is tailored to your individual needs.

Act Quickly Before Your Creditors Start Legal Proceedings.

Creditors can take action quickly when they are in financial difficulty. Our trained attorneys will help you get relief from creditors as promptly as possible. Liquidation is a legal process that can take months or even years before it turns effective. The professional lawyers have years of experience and are available 24/7 to help.

Bankruptcy Litigation Lawyer:

Lawyer Approach has a strong litigation department that can provide legal litigation services. We litigate on behalf of our clients, trustees, or other professionals. Responsible lending practices will ensure that the borrower can repay a loan.

During Default, some creditors may try to recover loans that they previously made. Debt legislation prevents them from doing so while it is in effect. Our team also acts on behalf of customers, including trustees. Who seek to protect their property that has been wrongly converted or seized in violation of the legislation.

We have extensive bankruptcy litigation experience:

You can rely on us to provide legal litigation services that are timely, cost-effective, and professional.

Here are some Litigation examples:

  • Liquidation Litigation
  • Indebtedness litigation services
  • Default trustees

We Provide Bankruptcy Lawyer Services in Markham and Litigation lawyers will handle the following matters:

  1. Opposing default Trustee applications to take control of a default debtor’s property or money
  2. Opposing liquidation trustee proposals to sell loss debtor’s property
  3. Opposing destitution trustee proposals to take debtor’s income from a third party
  4. Bankruptcy defendants also deal with civil litigation if required.

Bankruptcy Lawyer Fees:

The initial consultation is free, while legal litigation services are charged at a fair rate. Insolvency defenders accept these matters on a contingency fee basis unless prior arrangements are performed before litigation.

Contingency Lawyers’ Fees:

The skilled counsels accept filings and insolvent litigation on a contingency fee basis. The case fees are calculated as a percentage of what we recover. We will not charge destitution fees unless you receive a loss recovery.

Ontario defenders of default cases charge case fees based on the following defalcation fee structure:

  • Fee for destitute debtor’s loss petition (destitution claim)
  • Fee for Insolvency creditor’s broken petition (debt proof of claim)
  • Fee for defalcation debtor’s default proposal
  • Fee for Insolvent creditor indebtedness proposal

Our case fee structure is straightforward. The best attorneys in Markham will invoice our legal fees based on case rates. We, insolvency attorneys, will also provide destitution litigation services on a contingency fee basis, however, debt litigation services fees will be payable whether we defenders recover the loss recovery for you.

How The Lawyer Approach Helps You:

The team of professional counselors is committed to providing you with professional legitimate services. Insolvency barristers are here to offer cost-effective defalcation counselor services that meet your needs.

The top attorneys can provide free initial consultation and help you with all insolvency matters, including destitute litigation. The Bankruptcy lawyers in Markham will provide legal advice that is affordable, timely, and effective. Our team of expert attorneys will provide legal guidelines services that focus on resolving your destitute issue quickly and effectively.