What Are the Eligibility Requirements for Express Entry into Canada

If you are a foreign expert looking to come to Canada permanently, you can try your luck with the Immigration Express Entry system or if you are an employer looking to hire foreign workers, you can use Immigration Human Resources Canada.

To enter the Immigration Express Entry pool, you will be required to score at least 449 points according to their point grid. This includes factors such as education level, language ability, and Canadian work experience.

The Express Entry pool is an online pool hosted by Migration, Refugees, and Society in Canada (IRCC). Express Entry helps to manage several immigration programs, including the Federal Experienced Worker Program, Provincial Nominee Programs, and the Canadian Experience Class.

Who Is Eligible For Express Entry?

To be eligible for Immigration Express Entry, you must have a degree combined with at least 1 year of work knowledge in a related occupation. In addition, you must have your foreign educational credential assessed and recognized by Immigration Canada as being equivalent to a Canadian degree. You can travel through Canada’s assessment process for your foreign educational credential here.

Here is also an eligibility criterion for Immigration in Canada, if you qualify in the below programs:

  • National experienced worker
  • Federal Skilled business owner
  • Federal Skilled Trades
  • Provincial Immigration Programs (Quebec)
  • Business Immigration Canada
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Canada Study Permit
  • Entrepreneur Immigration Canada
  • Work Visa
  • Employment Request in Canada.

As for Immigration Human Resources, it is a website that helps Immigration Canada manage several programs. Immigration Human Resources is where employers can find out which programs Immigration Canada manages, as well as how to fill out the Canada forms related to those programs.

Eligibility Requirements For Immigration Express Entry:

Specific eligibility requirements for Immigration Express Entry include:

  • You must be aged between 20 and 29 years old.
  • You must have completed a Canadian educational credential at the post-secondary standard or equivalent.
  • It is recommended that you have some previous work experience in Canada. Immigration Canada provides a list of occupations for Express Entry under their NOC Code List. You can also show your occupation by getting Immigration’s Occupation Finder.
  • Immigration Canada recommends that you have functional English or French speaking and listening ability. You can verify your language skillfulness by providing a language test from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada’s list of approved languages.
  • Express Entry requires that you have enough money to support yourself upon entry into the country. This amount is a minimum of $1,125 for a one-way trip by airplane to Canada.
  • Express Entry also requires that you have enough money for your family, which includes the main applicant and the family members listed on their application. This amount is a minimum of $2,088 for a one-way trip by airplane to Canada. Family members include common-law or conjugal partners who are at least 18 years old and the dependent children of the main applicant or common-law partner.
  • Express Entry requires that you have a valid travel document, such as a passport. Immigration Canada provides detailed instructions on what types of passports are acceptable. In addition, Immigration Express Entry also requires that your permit be legal for at least six months.
  • Express Entry requires that you meet medical requirements for immigration to Canada, including a medical examination from an Immigration, Foreigners and Citizenship Canada-approved physician. Immigration Express Entry also recommends additional tests, such as a chest x-ray and HIV test for those applying under the Federal proficient Employee Program or Canadian Experience Class.

Factors To Consider For Express Entry:

Candidates who apply under Immigration Express Entry should know their answers to Immigration Canada’s questions contribute to their score. Therefore, candidates need to provide Immigration Canada with honest answers that accurately reflect the information submitted on the Immigration Canada forms.

Immigration Express Entry requires candidates to have a valid employment offer or provincial nomination to be invited. This means that Immigration Canada will give higher scores to candidates who have a provincial nomination or job offer when compared with those who do not. Canada also gives those with Canadian employment experience, particularly recent work experience in Canada, a higher score.

Express Entry award points to candidates who have siblings in Canada or to applicants with parents, grandparents, or children who are citizens or permanent residents of Canada. It also allows candidates to receive points for having some knowledge of either English or French. Immigration Canada recommends taking the time to provide some examples on your Immigration Express Entry application to increase your score.

Canada immigration recommends that Express Entry candidates have a year or full-time work experience in the past ten years. Canada gives higher scores to candidates who have some post-secondary education, particularly university degrees. Immigration Canada also gives higher scores for those with higher education and those with language training. It also gives points to candidates who have trained for occupations needed in the Canadian job market. Canada’s Immigration gives higher scores to those whose occupation is listed under Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship. Canada’s National Occupational Classification lists skill standard 0, Skill standard A or B. Immigration Canada also gives higher scores to candidates who have arranged employment before their application for permanent residence.

Higher language proficiency in either English or French is an advantage, and Immigration Canada encourages Express Entry candidates to learn one of the two languages.

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